Customer relationship

Sales agency

The sales agency, located in Andorra la Vella, served 65,167 customers during 2019, with an average of 253 per day and an average waiting time of 2 minutes and 39 seconds. The main steps taken were the new service sign-ups, product modifications and the configuration of mobile phones. Andorra Telecom also has other customer service points in La Massana, El Pas de la Casa and Sant Julià de Lòria.
Over the month of May, a national campaign was conducted to make it easier for fibre optic TV customers to switch to the new set-top boxes. Throughout the process, the agency "moved around the country" thanks to a mobile food truck that travelled to all of the parishes.
In September, the biometric signature for the signing of contracts was implemented, which furthered the process of digital transformation. The client automatically receives their contract by email, eliminating the need for paper copies. For Andorra Telecom, the digital signature enables the reduction of paper consumption and the substantial improvement of document management.
In October, temporary customers enthusiastically received the new Seasonal Internet service, adapted to their financial needs and which can be renewed via the website.

115 telephone customer service

The Andorra Telecom Call Centre, reached by calling 115, is the main method of communicating with the customer. Throughout 2019, a total of 170,406 calls were answered, which represents a 5% increase compared to 2018. A large percentage of calls were answered in less than twenty seconds (86.4%) and the average time of the interaction is 2 minutes and 39 seconds.
The work of the Call Centre is complemented by customer requests via fax or email to which, this financial year, rose to 1,118.
The Call Centre also dealt with calls as a result of customer management on the portal through the ‘Call Me Back’ function.
Quality controls for telephone customer support, which were launched in 2007, closed 2019 with a score of 92%, one percentage point higher than in 2018 and three points ahead of the results obtained in 2017.

Digital Channels

Andorra Telecom's commitment to digital channels as a means of informing and interacting with the user is reflected in an increase in the use of digital channels, either through the website ( and or the app, available for both iOS and Android operating systems.
The number of visits to the sales portal has increased by 6%, reaching 188,395 users, while the number of people registered in the Customer Area and active users of the app has also increased significantly, by 14% and 18% respectively.
The portal, which includes all the company's corporate information, also experienced a growth of 18,096 users, 18% more than in 2017.
Analysing user behaviour also corroborates the change in international trends. Mobile phone is the number one access point (55%), ahead of computers (40%) and digital tablets (5%).

The customer experience as key

The importance that Andorra Telecom places on the customer experience is evidenced by the fact that there’s a dedicated department, created in 2016, and the fact that improvement in this area is one of our strategic objectives.

The customer experience is nothing more than the perception that users and consumers have of the Andorra Telecom brand, based on all the interactions they experience. To optimise this experience, it’s essential to keep in constant touch with users to understand their needs and expectations, and to identify areas where improvements need to be made. Thus, in 2019, a total of 13 surveys were conducted relating to specific products or processes, such as procurement, information, service or incidents.

At the same time, we also carried out an anonymous Customer Experience Index (CEI) survey by phone to collect data on overall satisfaction, information that was complemented by feedback gathered from focus groups.

The process of launching the new brand has also had a direct impact on the relationship with the customer. Tone of voice and approach are friendlier and more direct, to highlight the company’s commitment to providing truly outstanding service.

Throughout 2019, the Customer Experience department performed quality assessments on calls and on visits made by managers to business customers in order to standardise the approach of departments that have direct contact with the customer in line with the new branding.

During 2019, work continued with the CECA, the Customer Experience Commission in Andorra (Andorra Telecom is one of its founding members), in order to promote a customer experience culture within the Andorran business community.