In an effort to further promote usability and simplicity in the use of the solution, we’ve incorporated new features such as the extension status indicator, which makes it possible to know if a user is talking on the phone and whether they can answer calls; or the call centre, which makes it possible to manage multiple incoming numbers from the same terminal, generate outgoing calls by identifying with the business or department number, or set up a professional queue management with standby music and phrases.

We’ve also renewed and expanded the range of terminals, focusing on devices from one of the main players in the sector, the manufacturer Yealink. These terminals stand out for their quality, reliability, ease of use and compatibility with our service platform.


Andorra Telecom is launching a project to review its business-oriented solutions as part of its ongoing goal of improving the business-oriented service it offers. Private fibre optic internet connectivity, the basic service we offer, will provide significant improvements next year, with more options being available (internet at up to 1Gbps). The new catalogue will offer services with a wider range of features and no price increase, as well as professional WiFi solutions designed to complete the catalogue of company products.

Data storage

Cloud Services

During 2019 Andorra Telecom consolidated its cloud services with the acquisition of various customers, both public and private. The most frequently-demanded services are:

  • secure data storage in the cloud by companies that have a local infrastructure and are looking to store one of their backups externally so they can be protected in the event of a disaster in the offices;
  • The Virtual Infrastructure service in the cloud. This allows companies to deploy computer applications to the cloud without the need for investment and with a very short time-frame.

Data Center

The transfer of customers located in the Arans Data Centre to the new infrastructure in La Massana was slated to begin in 2019. The La Massana facilities offer many more benefits in terms of security and redundancy of services, as well as providing a better business continuity service for the companies housed there.

Internet of things

Smart sensors

Via the Internet of Things (IoT in its acronym), smart sensors allow companies to manage connected devices remotely. This option allows for cost optimisation, improved user experience, and automation of business processes.

Andorra Telecom has designed three solutions to respond to customer needs. Air quality control makes it possible to monitor enclosed spaces in order to ensure a pleasant and healthy work environment. Temperature and humidity analysis is also applied indoors with the similar aim of ensuring the well-being of employees. Lastly, level measurement allows remote checking of information on the volume of diesel, water or any type of liquid inside a tank.

The service includes the design and custom implementation of the project, with real-time viewing of sensor information, storage, report generation and alarms to optimise available resources. Andorra Telecom’s tailor-made solution includes planning, choosing the most suitable network (2G, 3G, 4G or LoRa), selecting and installing sensors and access to the multi-user management platform.


Fleet management

The Fleet Management service is a solution for connected devices or the Internet of Things designed to manage a company's vehicle fleet and monitor it in real time.

This service allows the user to control the location of each vehicle via GPS on a map, collect historical data to analyse behaviour and generate alerts, define routes, plan maintenance and view real-time vehicle status.

To give a new impetus to this product, which has been on the market since 2015, Andorra Telecom has launched a project to evolve/replace the current platform in order to ensure that the solution remains competitive and is continuously improved. This new platform will be available throughout the first quarter of 2020.

SMS service

SMS services remain an important tool that is difficult to replace with other messaging solutions, for a variety of reasons:

  • Firstly SMS messages enjoy a coverage rate of more than 90%
  • They represent a good tool for maintaining almost instantaneous communication.
  • SMS communication has no spam problems.

Andorra Telecom has two types of solutions. The direct SMS service is a solution aimed at companies that allows short SMS messages to be sent individually or in groups to report an important event, a commercial message or any type of notification easily via a web platform. The premium SMS service is a service that allows income to be generated by receiving SMS at an additional cost, and is widely used as a tool for collecting donations or contributions using its solidarity SMS mode.

2,250,200 SMS messages were sent via this service in 2019.  


Andorra Telecom provides its users with the Andorra Telephone directory - Yellow pages, the most complete and updated directory of companies in the Principality of Andorra. The guide had a circulation of 30,000 copies in 2019. Companies can advertise by having advertisements published that are classified alphabetically according to commercial activities.

All the businesses in the Guide are included in the national information service 111, a telephone number where the details of the advertised companies can be consulted. The directory is also available in digital format on the website where users can also consult companies and individuals. The national information service 111 receives more than 250,000 calls a year.

Andorra WiFi

The Andorra Wi-Fi network guarantees free connectivity to the main shopping streets and most popular tourist areas in the country’s parishes. The deployment in a total of 40 areas including streets, squares and facilities ensures coverage in central commercial locations.

The network was initially installed on the commercial hub formed by Meritxell and Carlemany avenues, and then progressively extended to the rest of the territory.

This infrastructure has a high number of users, mostly tourists. The service has thus become a very interesting alternative for advertising aimed at making an impact on visitors who connect to the network.

In 2019 a total of 224,839 users connected to Andorra WiFi, of which 91.7% were visitors; Spaniards (60%) top the ranking, followed by French (7.3%), Russians (4.3%), British (3%) and Portuguese (2.3%), among others.

As regards age, most users - 60% - are between 19 and 38 years old, while 27% are between 39 and 58 years old.

Security services

In 2019, Andorra Telecom continued along its path of consolidation as a security service provider for companies, both public and private, at a time when awareness of the need to ensure information security is growing. The range of products and services that we at Andorra Telecom offer makes us the ideal partner for companies within the country.
The offer is structured around three areas: professional services, products and equipment. Professional services include security consulting and auditing tasks, such as awareness-raising sessions, penetration tests and support for regulatory compliance in information security.
From the perspective of products and services, 2019 has been a year of consolidation and evolution for Andorra Telecom’s portfolio of information security services.