Mobiles services

In 2019 Andorra Telecom focused its efforts on promoting mobile phone internet consumption among users, both in the country and while roaming.
So we’re celebrating International Internet Day, June 17th, by giving mobile phone contract users all the data used during the day free. The special offer is highly valued by our customers, 93% of whom use it. In terms of consumption, this rises from 2,850 GB on a normal day to 5,820 GB, representing an increase of slightly over 100%. The mobile network experiences no congestion at any time, and the maximum speed can be enjoyed all day long.
In July and August, the months with the highest roaming consumption, the M to XXL rates have their mobile data doubled, so that customers can enjoy 100% of the data they usually have in Andorra while abroad. The campaign is very popular, leading to 1,500 customers signing up for the deals that include roaming. During this period, users consumed over 44,000 GB while abroad, more than double the previous year. Overall, more than 50,000 customers enjoy roaming services. In terms of percentage, the number of customers using roaming data increased by over 10 points to 41%
The campaign also took into account local data consumption. For all those customers remaining in the country, the prices for the extra data were reduced by half, so that they could enjoy summer in Andorra to the full with the maximum connectivity. This gesture was very well received by customers, who consumed more than twice as much as they did the year before.

Broadband and Phone

At the end of 2018 Andorra Telecom launched the symmetrical 700Mbps internet access profile, which was very well received. 2019 closed with over 2,200 contracts for this high-speed Internet service, including both companies and individuals. In addition to these contracts, internet access has increased by around 1,000 to 27,100, thereby attaining a penetration that is close to 90% of the total number of households in the country.
In terms of telephone services, phone call campaigns were carried out throughout 2019, aimed at the most consuming customers, in order to publicise the call minute modules best suited to their needs, with success rates close to 35%. The high number of sign-ups demonstrates the suitability of these call plans designed to meet users’ expectations.


The television service carried out one of its most ambitious projects throughout 2019. In May all the service’s customers began having their TV decoders changed for a new, much more modern device. This also included a new omnidirectional remote control via Bluetooth.
To carry out the change-over of all 14,000 terminals, in addition to the agency and the service points set up in Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany, there was a food-truck type van that visited all the parishes. The new platform entails a total change in the way we consume television. The new interface, now more visual and intuitive, incorporates and enhances features such as the last seven days, the return to the start of all channels and the ability to record up to 350 hours, a qualitative leap that improves the customer experience and encourages a la carte consumption.
We’re also activating a special offer aimed at speeding up the transition to the new platform. This allows all customers to enjoy Movistar+ Total Plus content for two months at no additional cost. In just 1 month, over 10,000 terminals were changed out of a total of 14,000, reflecting the success of the change-over. The new platform’s smooth operation means that the number of customers using Andorra Telecom’s fibre optic television has increased by more than 350, in a service with such strong competition as Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video, among others.
During the first quarter of the year, communication campaigns were carried out aimed at bringing all the contents of the television deal to our customers, as well as including special offers such as that for Father's Day.  
Despite the fact that our main content provider Movistar+ waives the broadcasting rights of the MotoGP competition, Andorra Telecom is negotiating with this competition’s new provider, DAZN. We’re launching a package to watch it for only € 3/month , reaching fans of the sport in some 700 homes.