Business Seminar

This year’s Andorra Telecom business seminar is dedicated to the digital transformation of the commercial sector, with 180 professionals from various fields attending. The CEO, Jordi Nadal, kicked off the proceedings with a talk about the new trends in technology and their impact on society. In this context, he announced a pilot project for the next generation of mobile phones, 5G, which will be carried out in 2020. He also commented on the opportunity for business that the Internet of Things (IoT) represents and how Andorra Telecom has responded with the LoRa network that covers all of the country’s parishes. The talk covered other technologies such as blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence.

The main speech of the day came from the specialist in the digital economy Marc Vidal, entitled “The Digital Challenge for Small Businesses”, with a distinctly upbeat message. The common thread is the importance of people’s roles in the technological revolution. He insisted that adapting to new technologies is not an option, and that all sectors, and particularly the retail sector, need “to take part in this revolution”.

The Business Seminar concluded with a round table on the future of the sales sector, with the President of Shopping Mile, Sònia Yebra, the representative of Sogar, Marc Soliva, and Pyrénées Andorra’s CRM analyst, Marta Ballús accompanying Nadal and Vidal. 


The priorities for the company’s public responsibility policy include support for educational projects that promote technology and innovation. Robotics has a prominent place among these educational projects.

Micro First Lego League

This prestigious international robotics competition has reached its fifth edition in Andorra. A total of 12 teams from six different schools met at Prat del Roure d’Escaldes-Engordany to take part in a challenge with a robot made of Lego. The schools competing were the three secondary schools of l’Escola Andorrana and the Sagrada Família, Janer and Sant Ermengol schools.

This year’s First Lego League challenged the pupils to a competition called Orbit, which deals with space exploration. The teams also submitted a science project and another on values, to be assessed by specialist panels. Col·legi Sant Ermengol, which was taking part for the first time, won first place in the three categories.


The fifth edition of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) was also held by Andorra Telecom, with a record number of entries. Around one hundred children from Andorra, La Seu d’Urgell, Olot and Barcelona took part in the regional heat of this competition, held in the Adult Education Centre of Aixovall. The winning teams in each of the categories were Nottingham, IronBots, 4am, Av Jip and Loopa.

The challenge presented in this edition revolved around the theme of smart cities and transport. The children, grouped into teams, had to programme a robot to work as a true autonomous vehicle. 

10th Video game Show

Thousands of people, mainly children, teenagers and young adults, took part in Andorra Telecom’s celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the Video Game Show. The main attractions of the event were the game Fortnite, and the famous Youtuber LOLiTO, who took part in one game along with around fifty participants.

The Show did not overlook its more educational aspects, thanks to the collaboration with the University of Andorra to raise awareness about the opportunities offered by the new video game industry.

The eighteen areas for multi-platform games were used to present the newest releases on the market during the three days that the event lasted. One of these special areas was used to display the new 700 Mbps fibre optic network, which would allow multiple devices to connect, and which included a Formula 1 simulator with virtual reality. The organisation of the World Skiing Championship took advantage of the Show to warm up with a game that simulates a descent on the l’Àliga (Eagle) slope, one of the stages of the competition.


Andorra Telecom is launching its afterworks, an informal evening discussion space at a leisure venue, in which professionals with outstanding careers share their experiences. Conrad Blanch, chairman of the organising committee for the World Skiing Championship Finals was the guest speaker for the first edition. 

The speakers at the following afterworks are Gabriel Fernández, social media manager for MoraBanc Andorra; the Andorran musician and composer Landry Riba; Donna Alcalà, legal adviser specialising in entrepreneurship, Carles Soler, president of educaBOT, the foundation for technology and engineering, the businessman and ex-professional basketball player, Ferran Martínez, and Miquel Roman, an entrepreneur with 2.5 million followers on YouTube.

Rubik’s Cube Tournament

For the fourth year running, we have collaborated with Fnac and the Rubik’s Club of Catalonia to organise the Andorran Rubik’s Cube tournament. This year there will be a preliminary workshop with the specialist Pablo Oshiro, who will explain how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. 

This event, which is part of the international calendar of the World Cube Association, will feature ten different disciplines: 3x3x3, 2x2x2, 4x4x4, 3x3x3 Blindfolded, 3x3x3 Fewest Moves, 3x3x3 One-Handed, Clock, Pyraminx, Skewb and Square-1. It therefore maintains the commitment to the more traditional variants without foregoing the spectacle offered by the blindfolded or one-handed methods.

The clear winner -3x3x3- is the Spanish competitor Biel Salmons with an average time of 8.24 seconds, while Albert Cinca, the best local entrant, was proclaimed Andorran champion with a best time of 12.29 seconds.


Around eighty professionals took part in the security day co-organised by Andorra Telecom and ISACA, which revolved around the European Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Joan Crespo, the Director of the Andorran Data Protection Agency, gave a guest lecture regarding the implications of these regulations in Andorra. The lawyer Ramon Miralles, who specialises in technology, analysed the first year of application of the regulations in Spain and, finally, the head of the Security Department of Andorra Telecom, Jordi Celades, gave a talk focused on how companies should respond in the face of a security incident.

Red Hat Innovation Day

Andorra Telecom, together with the companies Red Hat and UiPath, organised a day aimed at disseminating the possibilities that automation offers companies. Several specialists in this material analysed and shared various use cases, including professionals in the field of ??Automation and Supervision Tools at Andorra Telecom Antonio Jiménez, Nathalie Jarnó and Albert Alegria, who detailed the internal advances and the efficiency gains they have entailed. The event was attended by 50 professionals who showed their interest in process automation and how it could be implemented in their activities.

With the help of Red Hat, several professionals from Andorra Telecom participated in international forums throughout 2019. This is the case of AnsibleFest 2019, held in Atlanta (USA), a global forum that brings together professionals who use this technology to share events and advances. We also took part in "Open Hybrid Cloud" automation events in Barcelona and Madrid.