Public Responsibility

Six Entities Benefit From Social SMS

The NGOs AMIDA, Cooperand, Laika, Bomosa, the Special Olympics and Infants del Món were the beneficiaries of the social SMS. All the money raised from the text messages sent to these numbers was used entirely, and without any associated cost, for social projects.

Andorra Telecom holds an annual public call for the award of these three-digit numbers to social entities. Applicants must submit a specific project that will benefit from the funds collected by SMS. In this call, the projects were very varied: educational collaboration programmes with Bolivia and Cambodia, a cat shelter, support for families to feed their pets properly, a conference on social diversity or funding participation in the international Special Olympic Games.

602         Cooperand
603         AMIDA
604         Infants del Món
605         Laika
607         BOMOSA
608         Special Olympics

An Excellent Tool Against Bullying

The B-Resol app opens up a whole new world in the fight against bullying at school. This tool, implemented by the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning and Andorra Telecom, allows any case of bullying in schools to be reported electronically and anonymously.

Throughout 2019, it was expanded to several new schools, reaching five of them and a total of 2,000 students. A first assessment of the operation of this tool shows that during the 2018-2019 academic year, it was possible for a total of four situations of bullying to be brought to light and four more cases of eating disorders to be detected.

Likewise, the information obtained with anonymous complaints through the app also enables the detection of coexistence problems in schools or individual problems related to emotional health or the consumption of toxic substances. As a result of the notices, 89 issues in the tutoring classes have been specifically addressed over the course of the academic year.

Clean-Up Day

Andorra Telecom lent its support to Clean-Up Day, an initiative of the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainability aimed at raising awareness and training young people. More than 830 schoolchildren from 13 schools worked during the day, collecting and cleaning natural spaces within the country. Andorra Telecom took over the financing of the participants' T-shirts with the money raised from users who continue to receive the paper bill at a cost of one euro per month. Andorra Telecom stopped sending invoices by mail to its customers, which allowed it to save 6.9 tonnes of paper.

Safety of Andorran Ships

Andorra Telecom collaborates with the Government of Andorra and the Nautical Club in the issuance and renewal of maritime rescue identifier licences for Andorran pleasure craft. This system will enable them to have an approved system of maritime radio beacons bearing an Andorran symbol in order to improve their safety.

There are currently about 400 registered boats in the country, and it is estimated that about sixty of them sail on the high seas and need a communications system in the event of the need for rescue.

The three parties have signed an agreement that permits the use of maritime communications codes to come into operation.

Career Guidance

International Girls in ICT Day, a day dedicated to promoting the technological vocation of girls and young women, was celebrated on 27 April. Several professionals from the company -Meritxell Agudo, Patty Pradie, Anabell Cristaldi, Cira Viladegut, Verónica Francisco, Mar Rodríguez and Fàtima Soldevila- participated in talks with high school students at the Lycée and the Col·legi Janer to explain their experience and the opportunities offered by a career in technology.

Our Department of People and Culture also participated in the 22nd Career Guidance Day of the Escola Andorrana de Batxillerat with a face-to-face talk and a guided tour of the company's facilities to learn first-hand about strategy and project management; the NIU business incubator, automation and machine learning or mechanisms for managing the customer experience.

The Forum des Métiers is another opportunity to publicise the job opportunities offered by Andorra Telecom and the professional occupations of the future. Approximately 250 students between 14 and 16 years of age took part in the day organised by the Lycée Compte de Foix.