Cultural Sponsorships

Art and technological expertise

Andorra Telecom sponsored the launch of the Espai Columba, where the frescos from the church of Santa Coloma are exhibited. The Ministry of Culture is committed to supporting the use of new technologies as a means of enjoying art in a different way, and helping visitors to get to know and understand our cultural heritage and our history. Andorra Telecom has provided the two interactive screens on the ground floor that show the location of the most important monuments and works of Romanesque art, so that you can work out your own itinerary.

This collaboration has also enabled the incorporation of a large 20 square metre Full HD video wall on the first floor, consisting of a total of 18 monitors. The huge screen allows the projection of spectacular images of our Romanesque heritage.

“Connexion and communication via technology are the pillars of our activity. The collaboration with the Espai Columba has given us the opportunity to show what can be achieved, and to be part of the dissemination of our heritage", explained Jordi Nadal.


Andorra Telecom once again supported the Andorra Land Art Biennial, an exhibition aimed at generating awareness of our natural and cultural heritage. The theme of this third edition took its inspiration from ‘Shinrin-Yoku’, which literally means ‘forest bathing’, and brought together works by the forty participating artists around Lake Engolasters. The exhibition offered visitors the chance to discover FEDA installations that had never been opened to the public before.

The exhibition has helped to make Andorra a leading destination when it comes to the symbiosis of art and natural space. This time the event attracted more than 160,000 visitors, and a great deal of media coverage.

Among the artists from seventeen different countries who took part , it's worth highlighting the work of photographer Jean-Paul Bourdier, who presented a selection of large-format images, and Saype, who brought us his international ‘Beyond Walls’ project , which takes visitors through dozens of countries, via a gigantic image of intertwined hands created with organic paint.

The Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum

Museums are changing. Technology offers the visitor a more rounded vision of a painting by providing relevant information about context, the work of the artist's contemporaries, and what he or she was influenced by. This is the function of the interactive screens that Andorra Telecom has made available at the Carmen Thyssen Museum to enrich the visitor experience.

Art lovers enjoyed two very interesting collective exhibitions in 2019. The first was “Femina Feminae. Muses and the collector. From Piazetta to Delaunay”, which closed in September. The exhibition covered three centuries of art history, displaying 28 works through representations of the female figure by great masters of painting and sculpture, such as Robert Delaunay, Berthe Morisot, Jean Béraut, Julian Opie and Richard Lindner.

The other major exhibition scheduled, continuing into 2020, is “Influencers in Art. From Van Goyen to Pop Art”. A total of 27 works are on display, three of them sculptures, from different periods, created in styles, all of which are interrelated thanks to the power that artists, voluntarily or otherwise, have had as ‘influencers’ throughout the history of art. Visitors can admire the works of Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin, Jan Josefsz van Goyen and Vince Herrera, among many others.

Cirque du soleil

Connectivity is indispensable when it comes to holding large events. Andorra Telecom provides essential technology for the summer show held in the country each year by the Cirque du Soleil.

Audience figures for ‘Rebel’, a tribute to the Canadian company's great male singers, show the impact of the initiative. A total of 103,000 spectators watched the 22 shows scheduled between 29 June and 28 July in the car park at the Central Park in Andorra la Vella: an occupancy rate of 97%. According to calculations made by organisers Andorra Turisme, the show had an impact on the country’s economy equivalent to 20.6 million euros. 

‘Rebel’ looks at love, through the great rock songs from the best known male singers of the last 50 years.

Volunteers for the language

Andorra Telecom once again collaborated in the Language Volunteering programme offered by the Government's Language Policy Service.  In its fifteenth season, the project brought together people wanting to improve their knowledge of Catalan with language volunteers. "Don't keep it to yourself" was once again the slogan aimed at encouraging people to both learn and use Catalan, and at the same time to integrate. Andorra Telecom helped to promote the programme by spreading the word via its offices and the social networks. 

2019 closed with a record level of participation in the programme, and a total of 67 language partners - some had already participated in previous years, and wanted to repeat the experience.