Digital Transformation

In 2019 Andorra Telecom embarked on an ambitious project of digital transformation with the aim of preparing the company and its workers for the challenges of the future, and new ways of interacting with users.

We have implemented a total of 45 initiatives, some of which have involved all areas of the company, and others which have involved just a single department. The project has enabled the incorporation of new trends into the company's daily life, such as big data, smart operations, automation and flexible working methods, aimed at improving internal efficiency and obtaining a better understanding of customer needs. 

In order to measure the results obtained, we have used the digital maturity index developed by TM Forum, an international association that includes the world's leading technology companies. There was an improvement of 25 percentage points in the year it was implemented, with the degree of digital maturity rising from 37 to 62 per cent.

At Andorra Telecom we know that digital transformation cannot be tied to a specific time-limited programme. Ongoing evolution, as explained by General Manager Jordi Nadal, is a necessary part of our company culture. “It's about putting technology at the service of the people and empowering them to continuously adapt to a market in a process of constant change”.

Putting the Customer First

The project has always put those who use our services at centre stage. Information about customer expectations, managed by means of big data, should allow us to offer a service that is tailored to their real needs. It also changes the way the company relates to digital platforms such as the website and the app, which become go-to channels that allow users to carry out most of the common tasks.

Electronic Documentation

One of the projects underway is the electronic management of all the documentation handled by the company. A first step has been the implementation of the biometric signature in the sales division at Andorra Telecom. But the initiative, which is still ongoing, is far more ambitious. and we envisage becoming paper-free via a new government digital signature management plan.

People Power

Our digital transformation plans do have a technical component, but the technology has to be at the service of the people. In a process such as this, staff play a key role. With the aim of supporting all employees within the organisation on this journey, we have launched a range of initiatives: an online learning platform, the digital capacity map, leadership styles and the application of Agile methodology.

Predictive Models

The application of predictive models has also been one of the highlights of the project. The implementation of smart operations in mobile telephone and fibre optic networks enables us to predict future network behaviour, and to anticipate possible saturation or problems. These are of great help to the departments that manage the platforms.


RPA technology allows the automation of many of the tasks that are carried out in many of the company's departments, reducing the time spent on routine tasks and allowing employees to work on more valuable ones. Robots also enable many technological tasks to be carried out, with significant savings in resources for platform operators and administrators. Andorra Telecom has started to automate a total of 300 internal processes.

The Future of Blockchain

Some of the initiatives reach beyond the confines of our company, for example blockchain validation of the University of Andorra's higher education qualifications, a project that has received the backing of the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning, FEDA and Actua.