A direct and local brand

After the technological development of the company over the last 10 years, its drive to improve customer experience and its full digital transformation, Andorra Telecom greets 2019 with a new brand.

The new brand places all its emphasis on the “Andorra Telecom” name and eliminates all other commercial names, because, as the company’s CEO Jordi Nadal explained, they can cause confusion. “Andorra Telecom expresses our business and our origins perfectly, and it works locally and internationally”.

The transformation of the logo is important because our users have to feel connected to it. The replacement of capital for lower case letters transmits a more relaxed and informal image. The logo also includes a new visual element. These are the four lines that suggest the shape of our country and the mountains, an element that appears in constant movement and which highlights how the company has adapted to changes.

There are no changes to our company colours. “Magenta is our identity. Users can easily relate this colour with us. It is one of our brand assets”, says Nadal. Even so, the colour palette has been expanded with two new secondary colours of strong yellow and navy blue being introduced to identify campaigns and products that are aimed at private customers and businesses, respectively. “This gives us more options to segment our messages, without sacrificing the features that make the company recognisable”

The versatility of the new image of Andorra Telecom is better adapted to a digital format, not only on the web page or in the application, but also on social media.
The new branding project also embraces what is known in specialist circles as the tone of voice, or the way that the company speaks to our users, using plain, straightforward language that our users can understand without any unnecessary jargon.

The tone of voice applies across all channels used by the company to communicate with customers, such as the sales office, telephone support, social media and leaflets.

The idea that we wanted to get across was to portray us as an innovative brand that can also speak clearly to digital novices.